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15 September 2006 @ 01:24 pm
Do Not Go Gentle  
Title: Do Not Go Gentle
Rating: PG-13 for an f-bomb
Words: 1069
Summary: AU(?) of what happened after the movie. Basically spoils the ending of the film, so proceed with caution.


"Skzz myand."

"Fee litnah? Nah?"


Noise. Sounds. Words.


Words words words.





A word. Personal. Touches deep.

A name? My name?


It's dark.

"Open your eyes, my boy."

Can't. Hurts. Dark.

"He really ought to rest."





By 2027, scientists had completed the long and arduous process of blueprinting the complex web of neurons that make up the human brain. Thanks to the pioneering work of Crick, Sawyer, and Yamashita, neurology entered a golden age. Doctors could map out brain function within an error margin of less than a nanometer. Unfortunately, the Second American Revolution meant that modern medicine could not take proper advantage of these breakthroughs.

But in the end, the government could.

The bands worn by every single American citizen came as a direct result of neurological mapping. The tiny electrical shocks emitted by the band effectively block the pathways normally used in human thought. Without the blueprint, the effectiveness of the electrical pulses was highly suspect. One needed fine-tuning, and the band could only emit so much shock before the brain went into seizure.

Ordinarily, the strength of shock is enough to keep the thought process in check. However, in every population, anomalies sometimes arise. Some may call it evolution or divine intervention, but the human brain can be very adaptive when faced with challenge.

Sometimes it revolts.



Name again.

"Wur still tie telp yu sn."

Words. Sentence. Language. Foreign.

"Yr awdtry nerveser still damaged."

Damaged. Hurt. Pain.

Remember pain.

"Yoov bin gone along taim, sn."

Voice. From before. Remember.

"Tie to heel yoo."

Heel. Heal?

Cure? Kill?

"Yooshot yrself."


"Mayk yoo better."


"Rsst, Hrrrssnn. Rsst."



Why I like Harrison Bergeron
by Penelope Anne Chapman (age 7, Lakeside Elementary)

I like Mr. Bergeron because he made everybody happy. He showed old TV shows from before the Revolution and old music too. Sometimes he danced along with the music which was funny. And he read poems from old books that made him cry. I like him because I don't think boys cry enough. If boys cried more I don't think they'd fight with each other so much.

I also like Mr. Bergeron because he made a joke on everybody. He said that there was some smart people controlling the world. I thought it was funny. He made people laugh. And mom said that when Mr. Bergeron left the TV, he might come back. I hope so. I liked the music.

Jonny says that Mr. Bergeron is dead. He said his brother saw Mr. Bergeron shoot himself in the head. I don't know why this means he's dead. People get shot all the time on TV and they're always okay afterwards. But if Mr. Bergeron is really dead I'd be sad. He made a lot of people smile with what he did, and I want to do that to. I want to make a lot of people happy someday, and that is why Harrison Bergeron is my hero.

Grade: F
Reason: Unsuitable subject material. Penelope, when I said write about a hero, I meant someone like the President, not a half-forgotten actor. I'll give you a chance to rewrite this, Penelope. Please choose the governor as your subject.


"Is he better?"

Voice. Higher register. Female. Unfamiliar.

"I'm not exactly sure."

Lower voice. Familiar. Klaxon.

"Are you comprehending things now, Harrison? You remember me, don't you?"


"I see your speech center still needs a bit of work. We'll get to that later."

Thought I was dead.

"Suppose you're wondering why you're still with us on this plane of existence."

That crossed my mind.

"We saved you, Harrison. You were close enough to the infirmary that we kept your body from completely shutting down. You're terribly lucky, do you know that?"

Didn't ask to be saved.

"Funny thing is...your brain...you remember, Harrison, how I said how remarkable your brain was? Well, it didn't exactly enjoy being tampered with by your little, ah, 'stunt'."


"I'm saying that your brain decided to reroute those neural pathways the bullet damaged."


"Actually, if you had wanted to die, then you ought not to have tried harming your brain directly. Depriving it of oxygen would've done a more admirable job. But you went for the swift solution, the one with the most shock value."


"And the race doesn't always go to the swift."


CHARLIE: Now you came on my show to tell me something important.
GUEST 2: That's right, Charlie.
CHARLIE: And could you tell our audience what that something is?
GUEST 2: Sure. I have proof that Harrison Bergeron is still alive.
CHARLIE: **unintelligible due to crowd noise** right here.
GUEST 2: Yes, Charlie. That is true. But a group of my friends got together. And we watched a tape of that show.
GUEST 2: At no point on the tape do we see him actually get shot. I mean, the camera view jerks right at that moment.
CHARLIE: I was there. It seemed...awfully real from what I can remember.
GUEST 2: Special effects, Charlie. All special effects.
CHARLIE: And the people in white coats who took the body away and cleaned up the blood?
GUEST 2: Fake. All fake. Like Harrison himself.
CHARLIE: He was a fake?
GUEST 2: Made up. The guy confessed to being an actor, right? Harrison Bergeron is still alive because Harrison Bergeron doesn't exist!


"Harrison, are you awake?"

Stay silent.

"Come now, my boy. We've proof that your speech controls have recovered. You've a voice again. Use it."

Movement. Lips. Tongue. Throat. Breathing. Lungs.


"What was that?"

"Stop. Stop t-trying...to saaaaave me."

"You're too valuable to lose. Besides, I never got to tell you. You've a son."


"That's right. Philippa gave birth to a son, your son."

"Sssmart too?"

"It's too early to say, but if genetics play a part in intelligence--and we know that they do--then yes. He will be a genius. Don't you want to get better, Harrison? I can possibly arrange it so you can visit them. All hush-hush of course. No one else need ever know."


"But, my boy..."

"Let them...let them think I'm dead."

"Whatever for?"

"Better that way? Better off dead."


"Want to stay dead."

Dead. Gone.

Angry. Rebel.

Fuck you.


Keye Goodenough: Harrisonkeye on September 16th, 2006 01:05 pm (UTC)
Wow, this is very powerful, and very moving. And very much open to further exploration. :) Great piece!
Little and broken, but still good: Sean - Revolutiongallifreygal on September 16th, 2006 09:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you. :) I hope to take a closer look at "what happens next" soon.