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19 September 2006 @ 05:45 pm
...by the People  
Title: ...by the People
Rating: PG-13
Character(s): President McCloskey & random media flunky
A/N: The President's reaction to whole Harrison Bergeron debacle. Written as a triple drabble (300 words).

"Who was dat little shit who fucked wit' all the TV shows last night?"

"Harrison Bergeron, Mr. President."

"You take care of 'im?"

"He's dead, sir."

"'Course he is! Serves him right fer tryin' to interrupt prime time. Nobody should fuck wit' prime time. Dat's when everybody watches TV, fer fuck's sake! A guy could get indigestion watching dat kid talk."

"Yes, Mr. President."

"Make sure nobody pulls dat sorta shit again, you hear me? I can plop the nukes on you as easy as I can aim 'em on those damn Russkies, y'know!"

"Of course, Mr. President. I am...deeply sorry that you had to endure the boy's incessant ramblings. I assure you that in the future, we will screen our media staff more stringently."

"Shit like dat never happened when I was a kid. Back den, we respected our elders!"

"Of course, sir."

"Hey, as long as we're on the phone, could ya tell me what's gonna happen on Name that Fruit next week?"

"I'm sorry, sir. That would be privileged information. And you would be privy to it before the rest of the country. It wouldn't be equal."

"But I'm the goddamn president!"

"And someone else will be president next month, sir. What's your point?"

"Yeah, okay. Well, I kinda thought I was, y'know, special. The Prime Minister of England gets to ride in his own stretch limo. I seen it. Real classy. He's got somebody else to drive him too. Young girl. Pretty."

"This is America, sir, where everyone is special. Which means that no one actually is special. If that is all sir, we shall leave you with tonight's programming."

"What's on tonight?"

"My Mother the Maid. And then two hours of Traffic Violation Executions."

"Sounds like high quality TV. Thanks a lot!"

"No trouble, sir."
Belleferret: harrison lookupbelleferret on September 20th, 2006 01:12 am (UTC)
This IS fiction, right?

Little and broken, but still good: Sean - Revolutiongallifreygal on September 20th, 2006 11:00 pm (UTC)
I hope so! :D

I was in kind of a weird mood while I wrote it so I take no responsibility if this is really what happens with our president.